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Google colab can not find an installed package


I want to use my custom package in Google colab. I installed my package and other packages that are required.

But, when I import a package, let’s say logzero, Google colab says “Module Not Found Error"

My environment

Google colab Pro+ at the date 2022/10/29

My custom package is able to be built with poetry.

Check list

  • The package installation is successful.
  • I run python -m pip list | grep logzero. Yes, logzero is surely installed.
  • I run python -m pip install logero -U. Nothing changes.


The following procedure was correct.

  1. generating requirements.txt with poetry.
  2. running !pip install -r requirements.txt in the Google Colab interface.

Here are the commands.

What was the reason?

Unknown. But, Google colab’s jupyter kernel may not recognize packages installed by python setup.py install.